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Address: 75 North St #320, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Phone: (413) 442-2731


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Estate Planning, Pittsfield, MA: Benjamin Smith & Associates

Benjamin Smith & Associates, Legal Counsel, P.C.. Every successful legal engagement starts with a good conversation. Benjamin Smith. 413-442-2731email us.

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Benjamin Smith & Associates Legal Counsel, P.C.. Address. The Central Block 75 North Street Suite 320. Pittsfield, MA 01201. Telephone. 413-442-2731.

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Find Massachusetts attorney Benjamin Smith in their Pittsfield office. … also known as Ben Smith … Benjamin Smith & Associates, Legal Counsel PC.


Just’n Time
Update: Written on behalf and with the permission of the client, a late, beloved, elderly parent, who didn’t deserve to be deceived and betrayed, as well as misrepresented, by people whom he trusted, including one or more law professionals, who should have cared more to avoid engaging in easily avoidable conflicts of interest.
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clara ann
Ben was very helpful with my probate problem. He is a knowledgeable attorney, but what is most important when setting up an estate, is using someone that is trustworthy, and that is Ben. A friend of mine is trying to dig out of a mess created by an unscrupulous attorney.
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Kimberly Mintz
Everything that’s wrong in the world right now. Don’t help anyone unless it means $$ for you.
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Kara Hayden
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