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Address: 1550 York Ave, New York, NY 10028

Phone: (212) 729-1632

Website: https://www.nyccriminallawyer.com/


Criminal Justice Attorney
Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Harassment
Aggressive Criminal Defense
Assault And Battery
Bank Fraud
Bankruptcy Fraud
Burglary Criminal
Business Fraud
Check Fraud
Cocaine Charges
Cocaine Defense Attorney
Cocaine Defense Lawyer
Cocaine Laws
Consumer Fraud
Controlled Substance Possession
Credit Card Fraud
Crime Conviction
Crimes Fraud
Criminal Cases
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal Defense Law
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Criminal Fraud
Criminal History
Criminal Offense
Criminal Possession
Criminal Prosecution
Criminal Trial Lawyers
Drug Crimes Attorney
Drug Defense Attorneys
Drug Defense Lawyer
Drug Offenses
Drug Possession Charges
Drug Possession Lawyers
Drug Related Crimes
Drug Smuggling
Federal Crimes
Federal Criminal Attorney
Federal Criminal Lawyer
Financial Fraud
Fraud Cases
Fraud Charges Defense
Fraud Lawyer
Healthcare Fraud
Immigration Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Internet Fraud
Investment Fraud
Juvenile Crimes
Mail Fraud
Marijuana Crimes
Marijuana Defense
Marijuana Possession
Medicaid Fraud
Medicare Fraud
Misdemeanor Charges
Misdemeanor Offense
Mortgage Fraud
Non-Violent Crimes
Non-Violent Offense
Passport Fraud
Pharmaceutical Fraud
Ponzi Schemes
Pornography Crimes
Possession Penalties
Real Estate Fraud
Securities Fraud
Sentencing Appeals
Serious Felony Offense
Sex Crime Attorneys
Sex Crime Charges
Sex Crime Lawyer
Sex Offense Attorneys
Sexual Assault
Sexual Offenses
Tax Evasion
Tax Fraud
Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys
Violent Crimes Lawyer
Violent Criminal Charges
White Collar Crimes
Wire Fraud

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Reviews & Complaints

Olga Klochko
Very professional team! They handled my matter from the beginning to the end! Great communication! I’m very lucky to find this firm! Very satisfied! I recommended these guys to many of my friends! They do help with all types of issues!
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Enlightened Jack
Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I paid $250 to discuss my case and spoke to a female name Marissa I think and she said that they could take my case and to think about it so I did. She called back like 5 days later asking me if I made up my mind and I said I needed to rule out some other possibilities. So I did that and when I called back the following week they initially answered the phone but the guy that did acted hesitant and I asked for the lady to call me back about the case. No one ever did. I called them and they picked up the phone and hung up and I thought it was an accident so I called again and they did the same thing. So very rude, not professional and not responsive after I had paid them.
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