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Address: 1505 N 19th St, Monroe, LA 71201

Phone: (318) 388-1440


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April Cortese
Dual tracked. Lies lies lies. Its like they are wells fargo attorneys and they do not communicate. Not only that they paid an attorney not to re represent me. Everything about this law firm is illegal. I am still fighting and turning them into everywhere that i am sent. Hopefully something pays off. If anyone that reads this if wells fargo 8s your mortgage company refinance with a smaller maortgage company.
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joseph boudreaux
extorted just under $15,000 from me. filed for illegal foreclosure, when i finally agreed to pay the $5000 in illegal charges to get it over with, they refused to accept payment for several months in order to increase the amount of fees they demanded. i never got any paperwork from them EVER! i was on a payment plan with wells fargo. i learned Dean Morris had filed the papers with the sheriff when a realtor knocked on the door and asked to buy the house before the auction! i called the sheriff, they were familiar with Dean Morris’s questionable activities and helped me to have some time to at least try to contact these criminals and, heh, call wells fargo to ask them about it since i had never received anything from them either? also review the details of the ‘property flipping scam’ as it became known after hurricane katrina in which Dean Morris was investigated and named as participant. about 2000 people lost their homes, some that did not even have a home loan. Dean Morris filed foreclosure paperwork with the sheriff’s office claiming to represent mortgage companies that had gone out of business that had an interest in thousands of properties. itis documented that people who had no loan or lien were kicked out of there houses because the property was sold at auction to relatives of Dean Morris partners. a flaw in the law states that a sheriff’s sale in permanent, even though (in some cases elderly) folks did not even have a mortgage and had paid off their property, they were still forced to give up the property! i was 2 months behind because the company i was working for went under, but on a payment plan and was told everything was ok, for years i have been back on track and the $15,000 that was stolen really is not a big deal, i would like it back, but would gladly accept the loss and pay another $15000.00 if i can be there the day they are forced to publicly apologize right before they report for their 25 year stay in federal prison. there are several inmates in federal prison today that have no family or friends to add large amounts of money to their commissary accounts, i would also be happy to volunteer to provide those needed funds to the partners fellow inmates.
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John Sullivan
the most disrespectful office I have ever called. the assistant hung up on me yelling at me and didnt want to help me. these people ARE SOOOO RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Sure wish I could speak to someone nice and professional. i hate having to call them. they put you on hold then they dont want to help you at all.
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Tamiah Coleman
Very good place
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Penny Morris
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Brendalyn Williams
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Jordan Angelo
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Kate Michaelsen
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Allen Smith
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Ashleigh Caples
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