Dutchess County Public Defender

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Address: 45 Market St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Phone: (845) 486-2280

Website: http://www.co.dutchess.ny.us/countygov/departments/publicdefender/pdindex.htm

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Public Defender – Dutchess County Government

Contact · [email protected] · 845-486-2280 · 800-660-8818 · 845-486-2266 · Public Defender’s Office 45 Market Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

Dutchess County Public Defender – Frequently Asked Questions

Contact · [email protected] · 845-486-2280 · 800-660-8818 · 845-486-2266 · Public Defender’s Office 45 Market Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

Reviews & Complaints

Michael Brutto
Definitly agree with Rick all the way, in every way, lol what an angel! Yessir! She really saved my life big time! East Fishkill PD done me real dirty 2 years ago, which ruined my life and almost lost my relationship with my family. Michelle Bleecker had to work really hard and smart to defeat the crooked prosecution of a fraud DWAI charge. The arresting officer and the DA could learn a thing or 2 about professionalism and integrity from her! Because of her efforts i can finally rest easy and live without fear. Life is great now and its all thanks to her. Consider yourself blessed if she is your lawyer!
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John E
Dedicated attorneys experienced in criminal law and family law matters whose sole focus is doing what is best for the clients. BTW, Alison Davis (aka “Ali D”) was not a client of mine…she actually signed a complaint and/or a supporting deposition against one of my clients when I worked there. My obligation was to the client whom I zealously represented, not her. I’m sorry that she didn’t seem to understand that.
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Bernadette Kennedy
Horrible. Attorney is refusing to file a motion that the judge has no jurisdiction and for frivolous complaint even though he knows he is right, in a family court matter and is conspiring with the judge. He already has done paperwork for the motion but refuses to file the complaint. Tried calling his supervisor but he won’t call back. My lawyer knew that the complaint was dropped and did not tell me for a month to keep me as a client. He only told me because I setup an apointment with his supervisor.
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RIchard Maher
First: forget about getting these clowns on the phone. They have an eternal loop that sends you back to “press 1 for the operator.” So drag your body into Poughkeepsie to make an appointment, and bring all the necessary papers. I was okayed for representation, since I owe more money than I have. Then a “Mr. McHale” called to say I had too much money, and I was being turned down after being okayed. A mixed blessing, because these advocates are about as avid as a dental patient. I am sure there are probably good PDs. Somewhere. McHale’s message said “call 486-2800 if you have questions.” Which of course led to “press 1 for an operator. Press 1 for an operator.” If you guys don’t want to be public advocates, why not get a job delivering cable TV. At least those guys provide a service.
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Johnna (Shifty)
Mostly the lawyers there are moderate at best. The two lawyers i have are the best. But other than that the answering service isnt that great, and whenever you call the main number 8 out of 10 times the person is discourteous.
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Darth Lambo
Jason was very helpful and easy to talk to. He was friendly and I could tell he had my best interests in mind.
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Vin Dicated
Jason Richmond is da man. The way he always throws his hands in the air when he talks really makes you feel like he’s workin hard for you.
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Ali D
John Evans was rude and a few other suggested words I’d say about him. Sucks. Not helpful.
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Alex Miller
Does nothing to actually help the client
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Rick Maher
Michelle Beeker. All day long.
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