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The Law Office of Edwards & Petersen is an outcome driven law firm offering family law related services. The mission of our attorneys is to provide an individualized approach to your unique legal situation and deliver the best results possible. Whether you are facing a divorce, navigating child custody, child support, or spousal support, the lawyers at Edwards & Petersen, PLC are here to provide the quality representation you deserve with an outcome drive approach to each case.

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Address: 2345 S Alma School Rd #204, Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (480) 418-5656

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Family Law Attorney
Adoption legal services
Child support litigation
Contract litigation
Custody & visitation rights litigation
Divorce litigation
Modification of court orders
Parent timesharing litigation
Paternity establishment litigation
Probate legal services
Spousal support & alimony litigation
Uncontested divorce legal services
Aggravated DUI
This charge applies if it is your third DUI offense within a seven-year period, if you have a passenger younger than 15 years of age in the vehicle while driving under the influence, or if you commit the offense while on a suspended or revoked driver’s license. Since a DUI conviction can lead to huge fines, jail time, a substantial rise in auto insurance premiums, and possible unemployment, there is too much at stake to accept the charges and the accompanying punishment without a fight. Arizona’s Best DUI Defense Attorney’s, Edwards & Petersen, PLC.
Alimony Cases
Arizona Endangerment Defense Attorney
Under Arizona law, a person commits endangerment by recklessly endangering another person with a substantial risk of imminent death or physical injury. Endangerment is deemed to be similar to assault, but it is not seen as being a deliberate attempt to cause harm. However, unlike assault, you can be charged with endangerment even if you do not actually harm or injure someone. If you’ve been charged with endangerment, contact the criminal attorney’s at Edwards & Petersen today.
Arizona Personal Injury Attorney
We provide representation for the following personal injury law areas, filing a Personal Injury Claim, Expert Witnesses, Claims for Damages, and Settling Your Personal Injury Case. At Edwards & Petersen, our experienced Personal Injury Attorney’s explain the process and are there to guide you through all the legal proceedings. Common personal injury claims include Vehicle accidents, Slip and fall accidents, Work-related injuries, Negligence and public liability, and Dog bites. People choose to file a personal injury claim for a variety of reasons, including lost wages, medical bills, emotional injuries, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and long-term trauma. Arizona Personal Injury Attorney, Edwards & Petersen, PLC.
Assault Defense Attorney
At the Law Office of Edwards & Petersen we understand that there is often a reasonable explanation that explains what really transpired. This is why you need an attorney and our assault and battery lawyers are here to make sure your side of the story is heard.Every case is different. While we cannot promise any results, we can promise that your case will receive the attention it deserves and that our experienced legal team will do its most to achieve the utmost result possible for you and your family. Criminal Defense Attorney, Edwards & Petersen, PLC.
Child Custody
Child custody usually turns ugly, if you don’t have a Child Custody Attorney the financial ramifications could last for many years. Failure to follow the court orders could result in penalties. That’s why the Divorce Attorneys at Edwards & Petersen, PLC, inform you of all the legalities of your case. This can be an emotional process, it’s good to have a compassionate divorce attorney to offer emotional and legal support and direction.
Child Custody Attorneys
Child Custody Laws
Child Custody Lawyers
Child Custody Modifications
Child Support Attorneys
Child Support Cases
Child Support Court
Child Support Enforcement
Child Support Issues
Child Support Modifications
Child Support Order
Child’s Legal
Court Order Modifications
If life teaches us anything, it is that circumstances change. People lose jobs, illness strikes, and schedules change. If you experience significant changes in your circumstances, you may wish to request a modification to a court order, including Child custody (legal decision making), Parenting time, Spousal maintenance, and Child support. Requesting a court order modification comes with a variety of stipulations and requirements that an experienced family law attorney helps guide you through. Family Law Attorney, Edwards & Petersen, PLC.
Criminal Cases
Criminal Charges
Criminal Damage Defense Attorney
With charges this serious, now is not the time to take your chances with a public defender. Instead, now is the time to get the legal representation you deserve at The Law Office of Edwards & Petersen. Our experienced Criminal Defense Attorney’s will fight for your rights and freedom. Criminal Damage Defense Attorney.
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Criminal Defense Process
Criminal Speeding Defense Attorney
In Arizona, a criminal ticket is a serious issue for you and your future. If you are found guilty of the Criminal Speeding you will permanently have a criminal record. This means every time you fill out a job application, which asks the question of whether you have a criminal record, you will have to answer yes. This is not only limited to job applications, but to college applications and for applications for most every professional license.If the criminal penalties were not enough, the effects of a criminal speeding ticket on your vehicle insurance rates can be shocking and these increased rates can last for years. Our goal is to help you get passed the charges you face!We fight to get the fines and penalties reduced, and/or the charge reduced to a civil violation, or the charges totally dismissed. Arizona Criminal Speeding Defense Attorney,
Custody Issues
Default Divorce
Disorderly Conduct Defense Attorney
A disorderly conduct charge is freely given by Arizona law enforcement to anyone who they believe is being disruptive. The severity of the charge is often out of proportion to the event leading up to the charge.With charges this serious, now is not the time to take your chances with a public defender. Instead, it’s time to get the legal representation you deserve at The Law Office of Edwards & Petersen. Criminal Defense Attorney
Dissolution Of Marriage
Divorce And Separation
Divorce Attorney
No matter if the divorce is amicable or not, you need an Experienced Divorce Attorney to look after your best interest. There are so many nuances to the legal divorce jargon, you need to have legal representation during your divorce proceedings, if you don’t it could mean financial ruin for you. Let the Divorce Attorney’s at Edwards & Petersen help guide you and assist you with the emotional ups and downs of the divorce.
Divorce Cases
Divorce Court
Divorce Hearings
Divorce Lawyers
Divorce Legal
Divorce Litigation
Divorce Mediation
Divorce Papers
Divorce Procedure
Divorce Proceedings
Divorce Process
Divorce Settlement
Domestic Violence Defense Attorney
Often the state is pressing charges despite the fact that the individual who the state designates as the victim, does not want to press charges.This is because of the recent changes by the State Legislature which are designed to strengthen domestic violence laws The resulting change has provided the prosecutor assigned your case a method of continuing to bring charges despite what the victim may wish.This is why you need an attorney and the Law Office of Edwards & Petersen is here to protect you and your rights. The State of Arizona is bringing the full weight of their resources to prosecute you and the consequences of being found guilty of domestic violence are severe.
Dui Defense
Experienced Divorce Attorney
Extreme DUI
This DUI charge applies if your BAC level is 0.15 percent or over. A DUI charge does not necessarily mean you are guilty. However, given the state’s stance on the issue, you need an experienced DUI attorney in Arizona to help you get the best possible outcome. A number of ways exist in which a legal team can have a DUI charge thrown out. Our Experienced Arizona DUI Defense Attorney’s will fight for you.
Family Court
Family Law Cases
Family Law Legal Advice
Family Law Matters
Family Law Modification Lawyers
Family Law Practice
File For Divorce
Free Initial Consultation
General Civil Litigation
Hidden Assets
There are numerous reasons a spouse may choose to attempt to hide assets, as well as a wide variety of assets he or she may attempt to shield. People typically consider the family home, savings and checking accounts, and retirement funds as the extent of marital property. In reality, these assets are rarely hidden – at least not for long – as they are so easy to discover. Common forgotten types of property in a divorce case include Tax Refunds, Frequent Flyer Miles, Vacation Property, Collectables, Intellectual Property, and Security deposits for purchases such as storage units and rental property. Let the Family Law Attorneys at Edwards & Petersen find all assets and be your advocate for your rights.
Immigration Legal
Joint Physical Custody
Juvenile Law
Legal Advice Attorneys
Legal Assistance
Legal Custody
Legal Decision-Making
Legal Guidance
Legal Help
Legal Representation
Legal Separation
Modification Attorneys
No-Fault Divorce
Order Modification Attorneys
Order Modification Lawyers
Parenting Time Modifications
Parenting Time Plan
Paternity Cases
Private Attorney
Spousal Maintenance Attorneys
Spousal Maintenance Lawyers
Spousal Maintenance Modifications
Spousal Maitenance
Spousal Maintenance, formerly known as alimony. Spousal maintenance is one of the most complex areas of divorce, as two judges looking at the same set of facts may reach drastically different conclusions. In addition, Arizona has no guidelines surrounding spousal maintenance, such as its guidelines for child support. The support of an experienced divorce attorney helps ensure the best outcome regarding spousal maintenance. Edwards & Petersen, PLC, Arizona Divorce Attorney
Spousal Support
Standard DUI
If found operating a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08 percent or more, you may be charged with a DUI. If you are driving a commercial vehicle, the limit falls to 0.04 percent, and if you are under the age of 21, a BAC level above zero constitutes a DUI. DUI defense attorney, when your freedom and savings are being threatened contact the Best DUI defense attorney’s in Arizona, Edwards & Petersen, PLC.
Super Extreme DUI
Arizona is one of a handful of states in the country with the Super Extreme DUI classification. This charge applies if your BAC level is 0.20 percent or above. If you have been cited for a Super Extreme DUI you will need legal representation in the court of law. Edwards & Petersen, Arizona DUI Defense Attorney
Uncontested Divorce
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david doran
Brian was there every step of the way!
… more
Kristina Sweet
I cannot thank Josh and Sabrina enough. I was completely lost and unsure of everything when my situation began. They calmed all my nerves, answered all my questions, and Josh gave the absolute best advice throughout. They walked me through the entire process one step at a time while consistently looking out for my best interest. Thank you doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude. I wish them well and all the best!!
… more
Elizabeth Atkinson
I hired Josh last year. Everything seemed extremely bleak but Josh and Sabrina turned that around. They were very straightforward, helped in every step of my case, and didn’t give me unrealistic expectations. They are organized, committed, and get things done in a timely fashion. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Everyone at Edwards & Petersen truly cares.
… more
Lauren Smith
Best decision I ever made for myself and my child. The legal system can be extremely intimidating, especially when you are dealing with a narcissistic or controlling co-parent. I was so scared when I found out I would be taking on a legal battle. Joshua and Sabrina both supported me and above all gave me a peace of mind I never would have had access to.
… more
chineme NWOSU
BRIAN,is a very good man.He has listening ears.The happiness of his client is his first priority not Money .Brian is always there for you,does not get angry when you ask questions. His communication skill is second to none.sends and replies emails as of when due.He is humble. I cannot say it all.The best Attorney I have met so far with sweet soul.Indeed,Brian is a living saint and very professional. I am glad to come in contact with.i am happy and grateful for the help him and Kyle parker rendered to me.Godbless them forever Amen.Is a good office to visit with other team.They are amazing people.
… more
Meaggen Daly
I tried to make a consultation appointment for my husband and I, regarding a matter involving my step-daughter, but they refused to even schedule the appointment since my husband wasn’t currently present on the phone. I clarified that my husband would be present for the consult, but was still turned away. Y’all…married couples make EXPENSIVE monetary decisions TOGETHER. Not a good look, Edwards & Petersen. Not a good look. We will happily spend our money elsewhere.
… more
Lexus Jones
I had a free 30 min consult with Josh & was very pleased with the turnout. He was very friendly, professional, and honest. It was like a breath of fresh air…I was a bit nervous about the consult but honestly it couldn’t have gone better.
… more
Kimberly Pandola
Josh is an excellent advisor and attorney! Navigating legal-eze is difficult and he’s always been thorough, available and easy to understand.
… more
godj JD47
Do NOT select this firm. You will be greatly disappointed. They are mainly concerned with money and invoice you for everything. They speak with you for an hour and follow up with an email reiterating everything you just discussed for an hour-simply to bill you more. Josh was underprepared for the most important trial of my life. They treat you as if youre another number. STAY.AWAY
… more
Michael Birenbaum
Are used Josh and my family court cases and have never regretted one moment. He has helped me achieve so much in the best interest of my child. If you’re looking for someone that also uses their heart to guide them then you’re looking for Mr Josh Edwards. Highly recommended
… more
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