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Vanessa Charles
As soon as I contacted George he was there for me every step of the way. His attention, responsiveness and care eased my concerns, as he explained every detail with patience and clarity.
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Cathy Myzell
Excellent attorney. I 100% recommend Dr. George Gatgounis because he gives his client 100% when he’s on the case.
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Janis Bullock
George is brilliant! He has represented me three times over the last ten years and has always proven to be the best decision in representation I could have ever made. Dr. Gatgounis really listens to his client’s needs and evaluates the situation as if it were his own. Showing great compassion and empathy while remaining diligent and hard pressed. Realizing legal situations can make you anxious, stressed and exhausted; He answers at all hours on many platforms. I never felt alone or in the dark. George really treats you like a priority. He always goes to great lengths to flex his extensive and proficient interpretation of the law. With his Ivy League education he is hands down the most intelligent person I have ever met. His ethics are unsurpassed, which is a precious commodity in today’s world. Hardworking, diligent and forever working on his cases; be assured you will arrive at the most beneficial outcome.
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Stephanie DuPre
Posting this review on behalf of my mom, who does not have Facebook:
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Mark C
Dr George has was extremely helpful in resolving a legal issue. He has been extremely patient and helpful throughout the the legal process. He expressed a true sense of compassion and strength when needed. What impressed me the most is his knowledge of the law and how to properly communicate the law on a basic level. I enjoyed working with Dr George and highly recommended his services.
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Melinda Gore
I first hired Mr. Gatgounis back in 2007 after firing 2 other attorneys during my divorce. The first one volunteered me to pay the worker’s comp insurance on my ex’s business even though I hadn’t found a job yet. The second obviously never even bothered to look at my case until they were actually in the courtroom, as they couldn’t come up with the word “receivables.” I hired Mr. Gatgounis and never looked back and never regretted it. I have recommended him many times over the years and am currently partaking of his expertise again myself. Mr. Gatgounis is sharp minded, professional, and attentive to details that would escape most. I felt some of the most valuable information in my case was brought forth from witnesses for the other side, during cross examination due to his fast deductive reasoning. Unlike most, I believe he genuinely cares about his clients and doesn’t just see the dollar signs. He is, in a word, impressive.
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Kristina Loughrey
George is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable about his craft and professional. When he is working on a legal matter of mine, I know that I can rest assured that it is being handled with the utmost diligence and care. Many thanks to him for giving me the peace of mind and confidence in knowing that when I work with him, everything is being handled in the most efficient and effective way possible.
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Dylan O’Dell
George made my divorce process easy! He explained everything every step of the way and was always easy to get a hold of if I had any questions. If you need legal aid, hands down, this is the man you go to. Super knowledgeable and dependable.
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Ashley Schieble
Best. Lawyer. Ever. Completely dedicated to his craft, George is one of the most accommodating and knowledgeable attorneys I’ve ever met. If you have any legal need, you’d be hard pressed to find a better lawyer anywhere.
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Sharon Henry
George was very thorough and considered all sides and facets of our legal questions. Your case is no longer “your” case, but “his” case, as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking justice and equity.
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