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Jayson Lutzky is an attorney with over 37 years of legal experience with an office in the Bronx, New York. He handles divorce cases (both uncontested and contested) family court cases (child support, visitation, child custody, spousal maintenance/alimony, equitable distribution and more), personal bankruptcies and accidents (personal injury, workplace accidents, slip and fall, trip and fall, premises and more). Mr. Lutzky has represented thousands of highly satisfied clients. He makes regular court appearances and has helped accident victims recover millions of dollars. Give his office a call to set up a free in-person consultation. In the event of a severe injury, we can visit you at home or at your hospital. Saturday appointments are a…

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Address: 1740 Hone Ave, Bronx, NY 10461

Phone: (718) 329-9500

Website: https://mynewyorkcitylawyer.com/utm_source=directory-traffic


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If you are seeking help from an experienced bankruptcy attorney, don’t hesitate to call our team today!
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If you are seeking help from an experienced personal bankruptcy attorney, don’t hesitate to call our team today!
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Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Divorce Lawyer
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Jayson Lutzky is a Bronx Divorce Lawyer who specializes in Divorce, Bankruptcy Law, and Personal Injury Law. Over 30 years experience can’t be wrong.

Jayson Lutzky, PC – 1740 Hone Ave, Bronx, NY – Yelp

12 reviews of Jayson Lutzky, PC “I’m dealing with an ill Family member, and needed some help. So I found Jayson Lutzky and he was very helpful.

Jayson Lutzky PC 1740 Hone Ave Bronx, NY Lawyers

Jayson Lutzky is an attorney with over 37 years of legal experience with an office in the Bronx, New York. He handles divorce cases (both uncontested and …

Reviews & Complaints

Paul Vega
If you need help with anything related to family court issues this is the place. Jayson is wonderful and has many years of experience with family court related. If you’re looking for someone that will shoot it straight to you, And dedicate their time to making sure you get the help needed This law practice you need. highly recommend
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Thania Battle
Positive: Responsiveness, Value
Jayson Lutzky was the only attorney that provided me with a great consultation. He gave me the complete breakdown of how the case may look which help me in my decision making. He answered all of my question in a understandable matter, too. If you are looking for an attorney to be 100% truthful and knowledgeable who can answer any question you may have, give him a call.
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Ismael Rivas
Mr. Lutzky is very helpful and insightful. He is very compassionate and empathetic. He guided me in the right direction. He thoroughly explained the entire step by step divorce process. I definitely recommend him. He’s a wonderful human being with a great heart.
… more
Rob Matthews
I had a consultation with Jayson about child support. He was very knowledgeable about the law, and he gave me useful and practical guidance about how the court system works and what I should expect. I wasn’t happy with everything I heard, but it’s better to have the information about what is likely to happen before I try for an outcome that might not be realistic. I appreciated his directness and honesty about my case.
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Brown Productions
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
The law firm of Lutzky is extremely responsive and highly professional. The consultation was informative and tremendously helpful as it enabled me to understand my legal issues and the direction that I should pursue. I highly recommend this law firm for anyone who needs legal assistance.
… more
Christina Ponton
Positive: Professionalism
I called to find out information about how to proceed with a child support case. The lady that answered the phone gave my number to an attorney named Jayson Lutzky and call me back within minutes. He answered all my questions I had and was great in explaining every step I need to take to get this done. If I had the funds I would definitely hire him to represent me. I will keep everything in mind and proceed with my case because like Mr. Lutzky said, ‘you didn’t make your kids on your own and he needs to take care of his responsibility.’ I agree 100%. I appreciate all the advice you gave me. Thank you again and Happy New Year!
… more
J Ruiz
This man gladly took my $500 retainer and send someone to serve my husband divorce papers but whoever he sent told the security guards at the job exactly what they were serving my husband with which is supposed to be private and after that my husband dodged them the other two times tried. And when I called to let Mr Lutzky know what transpired, He was very rude to me and kept addressing me as ma’am – Very impersonal and rude. I suggest that you don’t waste your money.
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Alejandro Castillo
Mr. Lutzky and his team are awesome. That’s what I call dedicated, If Mr. Lutzky cant help because its out of his hands he will help in any form he can. He will actually do it himself not like other law firms who say that will don’t. He and his team actually go that extra mile for you and is someone you want on your side.
… more
Patricia Grice
I’ve been using Jayson Lutzky
… more
Sarah Goodman
Critical: Professionalism, Quality
I think the reviews on google are fake. I highly doubt this many people had a good experience with Jayson. Read the negative reviews here and on Yelp to get a better picture. I really think Jason just takes on any case even if he has no experience in the matter, and then just enjoys squeezing you for money. He’s all talk and big promises and then when you expect him to defend you, he just sits there in court like he doesn’t even know which side he’s one. He’s a weak lawyer and just a plain rude and unhappy person. Because of him my sibling lost their kids. Take your time in finding a good lawyer. Talk to a bunch of them and read reviews on Yelp, definitely trust your gut. Don’t hire Jayson.
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