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When situations become a real challenge and you want to protect your future, you need an experienced law professional who advocates on your behalf in order to help you come to a resolution that can help make life better again. Donna Jewett, Attorney at Law, has been providing legal services in the areas of Family Law and Mediation since 1994. Donna began offering Estate Planning services to broaden her support of individuals and their families as they prepare for tomorrow. Through honest, direct and results-driven counsel, Donna has helped countless families navigate the law process and successfully get results both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Address: 8121 E Indian Bend Rd Suite 126, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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Law Firm
Legal malpractice litigation
Power of attorney
We offer professional and timely divorce and family law services to those in need of divorce or custody dispute assistance.
Property dispute litigation
Small business litigation
Trust & estates litigation
Business Contracts
Child Custody
Comprehensive Estate Plan
Custody Child Support
Estate Planning Laws
Estate Planning Legal Services
Family Estate Planning
Whether you are a large family or a single parent, we have estate planning services that will fit your needs.
Family Law
Family Law / Divorce
We offer professional and timely divorce and family law services to those in need of divorce or custody dispute assistance.
Family Law Practice
Mediation Services
Paternity Family Law
Premarital Agreements
Property Division
Spousal Maintenance
Wills Trusts
Workplace Disputes
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​Prior to opening the Law Office of Donna Farar Jewett, PLLC, … experience as a Judicial Clerk in the Federal District Court for the District of Arizona.

ABOUT DONNA | Donna Farar Jewett PLLC Family Law

Afterwards, she worked at two Arizona firms where she focused on Criminal Law, Medical Malpractice and Family Law. Donna’s private practice has focused on …


Jessica Galindo
Love them! My husband and I needed Wills, Trust, etc. But had no idea where to start. Originally thought I would just download a template, but quickly realized I was way out of my league. Donna, Sarah and Twig walked us step by step through the process, while fully explaining what out.choices were and why it was important. I never felt pressured or confused.
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Ryan Parker
Donna is fantastic! She helped me with some business contracts and did an amazing job. Highly recommend her for any of your legal needs.
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al mendoza
Donna is a professional who cares about her clients. She is a no-nonsense lawyer that will be straight forward with you and get you results.I HIGHLY recommend using her firm!
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Jessica Cotter
I hired her for a family law case and she did an amazing job. She even used the opposing attorney’s words against him in the court room.
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Jay Giacopuzzi
Donna is a brilliant attorney!
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Mary Triny Garcia-Calleja
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Amanda W
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David A
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Jessica Linder
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