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More Than 30 Years of Combined Experience Whether you have been charged with a crime, are considering divorce, have been seriously injured by another person or business, or need legal advice about a real estate concern — you can be certain that the attorneys on the other side of the negotiating table or the courtroom will spare no effort to achieve their goals. Even if doing so comes at your expense. You have the right to an attorney who will do what it takes to ensure that doesn’t happen. And this is exactly what Rooney Law Firm will do for you. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience helping people in the Chico area and throughout the state of California. Contact our proven, winning team now!




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Address: 1458 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926

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Doc Martin
Gave this law firm information as I was going to hire them and then a party I was going against hired these people. That’s called conflict of interest. This law firm got information out of me as I was to hire them and then they turned around and used it against me. I called around and alot of attorneys do not have good things to say about this firm. They play dirty and can be manipulative. They Delingered information acting like they was going to help and used that information against me. I am not white and I am of color. Maybe if your white these people will benefit you. With that said the system is set up on slavery and not designed for colored people to sue white people. Under the 14th amendment everyone is to be treated fairly with out bias regardless of race or culture. I recommend doing research on the success rate of attorney law firms because they will manipulate you to think that they are the one for you and the success rate will tell you other wise vice verse the case etc. Do your research. This law firm doesn’t even know about native American bylaws and they aren’t interested. This is a multi cultural country and this law firm doesn’t practice multi cultural bylaws. Rooney Law firm are ignorant and neglect the multi cultural bylaw spectrum.
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Jessica Dudley
Michael Rooney is the BEST lawyer money can buy. I would give him 1000 stars if I could. He got my case resolved quickly so I could get back to my life and family and put that whole mess behind me. Thanks Mr. Rooney. YOU’RE THE BEST!! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation.
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John Gobble
My experience with Rooney Law Firm was very professional. I had to get a Medical Marijuana probation modification and Michael Rooney and his staff knew exactly what to do and how to achieve my goals. They were familiar with Health and Safety codes that other lawyers were not. He was very direct and honest about what he could and couldn’t do for me. He did not tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me how it was going to be.
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Rooney law firm put my family back together. Mr. Rooney and his staff were very responsive to me. The other side’s attorney tried to get the judge to rule the way he wanted and complain the Court has never done something like this in his 10 years. Rooney law firm has been a huge uplifting in my life. Because of the Rooney law firm, I’ve been able to be a part of my daughter’s life and be a better role model for her.
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Chris Servic
awesome awesome awesome team Mr. Rooney has. Not only did they help me with a B.S. restraining order but they made the whole thing comfortable. I got paired up with Mike and he fought for me and my family and showed us compassion throughout. Rooney might come off a little rough but he’s a great guy too. they have earned my loyalty should I ever need an attorney out that way again. they took over my son when he was there, I couldn’t find him and then there he is walking out with one of the guys with a mouthful of donuts and a fat smile which was good to see considering he had just had his brother taken from us. they made us feel at home and saw us through the case every step of the way. cannot thank them enough.
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Jay Lawler
I would recommend this law firm to anyone having any legal trouble or who needs something done through the legal system. While attending college in Chico, I got into some legal trouble, but Mr. Rooney and the firm were able to keep the consequences to a minimum. No jail time and only a small fine with probation. I then contacted the Rooney Law Firm again in order to get the charge expunged off my record. Now I have a clear record and am looking forward to gaining employment at a respectable company and putting all this behind me.
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Kyndra Barrar
My siblings and I needed a real estate lawyer, and we’re so glad we found this firm! A different law firm (with a MUCH less approval rating) had informed us of surplus funds from the sell of our Dad’s house, and we went looking for a different lawyer. Michael Rooney, and his whole crew, have been top-notch the whole way! Honest, and patient, Answering every question, and walking us through every step, I will recommend this firm to any and everyone!
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fire fighter
I contacted The Rooney Law Firm for a sensitive family law issue and the firm handled my case professionally. The staff was friendly and responsive – always returned my calls and emails. I am very pleased with the outcome they were able to get for me.
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Jesse Klingler
Michael Rooney is a top notch attorney. He won my case and got my gun rights back. He was very professional and fought for exactly what I wanted. If you need an attorney Rooney is your man. I now have a whole new lease on life. Thanks Michael, you had my back all the way, my daughter and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to everyone at Rooney Law Firm.
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Andrew Howard
We absolutely recommend Mr Rooney’s Law firm. Very kind, prompt, and straight forward. His office argued our case and the Rooney team triumphed on our behalf. We are so grateful for their diligence during this sensitive time.
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