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Schlanger Law Group, LLP is a consumer protection and credit defense firm located in Jackson, Mississippi. The firm’s focus is on identity theft and credit reporting litigation, as well as class actions involving unfair debt collection, predatory lending, and other consumer issues. The firm also defends consumers and businesses sued by creditors in high-stakes collection defense litigation. Schlanger Law Group is dedicated to finding the best approach to protecting clients’ rights and leveraging every tool and option available in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible.



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Address: 200 N Congress St Suite 117, Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: (601) 566-1538



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Schlanger Law Group

Schlanger Law Group protects consumers facing identity theft, credit reporting, and class actions issues in NJ, NY, and nationwide.

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Dedicated Consumer Protection and Identity Theft Attorneys. The team at Schlanger Law Group LLP (SLG) is committed to protecting consumer rights.

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