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Criminal Lawyers | Personal Injury Attorneys Arrested? Charged with a crime? Car accident? Injured at work? Attorneys Tania Alavi & Andrew Pozzuto focus on Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Federal Criminal Defense. Experienced trial attorneys, compassionate advisors and skilled negotiators. We help good people in difficult situations. Let’s discuss your case today. Call (352) 732-9191. Offices in Ocala and Gainesville.



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Consumer advocacy litigation
Criminal defense litigation
Insurance litigation
Landlord & tenant litigation
Legal malpractice litigation
Power of attorney
Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Battery
All Federal Crimes, Charges, Investigations & Arrests
All felonies and misdemeanor charges
Armed Robbery
Arson Attorneys
Arson Defense
Assault & Battery
Battery Lawyers
Burglary Attorneys
Burglary Crime
Burglary Laws
Burglary Offenses
Car Accidents
Child Pornography Charges
Code Violations
Computer Crimes
Computer Crimes Attorneys
Computer Crimes Lawyers
Credit Card Fraud
Crimes Charges
Crimes Defending
Crimes Defense
Crimes Trial
Criminal Appeals Attorneys
Criminal Appellate Attorney
Criminal Case
Criminal Charges
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal Defense Law
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Criminal History
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law Cases
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Offense
Criminal Proceedings
Criminal Prosecution
Criminal Records Expunged
Criminal Traffic
Criminal Trial Law
DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs)
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence Assault
Domestic Violence Attorney
Domestic Violence Charges
Domestic Violence Lawyers
Drug Abuse
Drug Cases
Drug Charges
Drug Court Programs
Drug Defense Attorneys
Drug Offenses
Drug Possession Attorneys
Drug Trafficking
Dui Arrest
Dui Charges
Dui Convictions
Dui Defense Attorneys
Dui Lawyers
Dui Refusal Case
Expungement Attorneys
Expungement Lawyers
Family Law
Federal Crimes
Federal Crimes Trial
Federal Criminal Defense
Federal Drug Charges
Felony Dui
Fraud Attorneys
Fraud Crimes
Golf Cart Accidents
Injuries Caused by Others
Insurance Defense Law
Jury Trial
Juvenile Crimes
Landlord Negligence
Legal Defenses
Manslaughter Attorney
Manslaughter Charges
Motor Vehicle
Murder (Homicide)
Murder Homicide
Personal Injury Attorneys Attorneys
Personal Injury Cases
Personal Injury Law
Personal Injury Lawyers
Personal Injury Trial Attorneys
Post Conviction Relief
Prescription Drug Crimes
Probation Violation
Property Crimes
Retail Theft Crimes
Robbery Attorneys
Robbery Charges
Robbery Defense
Seal Criminal Records
Serious Traffic Offense
Sexual Assault
Tax Evasion
Theft And Property Crimes
Trafficking Charges
Trial Advocacy
Us Appeals
Vehicle Homicide
Vehicular Homicide
Violent Crimes
White Collar Crimes
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