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Address: 2810 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: (602) 606-2810

Website: http://www.wb-law.com/

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Miss Scorp AZ
An unAmerican law firm that specializes in knowingly advising for the installation of “fake” electors in hopes of intentionally, and ILLEGALLY overturning a free and fair election. The Bar Association needs to open an investigation, if one is not already started. Jack should be on the shortlist to be disbarred by the end of 2022. I certainly hope the AG Merrick Garland is looking closely at this firm since our Arizona AG is so fully incompetent and full of himself.
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William Carpenter
So clearly from his emails as counsel for the Insurrection Eleven, Jack Wilenchek knows that a better word for ‘fake’ is ‘alternate.’ Does he also know the word better word for ‘unemployable’ is ‘disbarred?’ I would steer clear of any counselor who can’t tell the difference between protest and coup.
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Michael Rettus
Would a more appropriate term be ‘alternative treason’? Nah, how could anyone with Jack Wilenchik’s education and background not know the difference between right and wrong? So, how does one file a complaint with the state bar, the Az supreme court, and the 9th District about a lawyer that conspired treason’ and/or sedition? I did not spend decades in my country’s uniform (USMC since the 70s) so such people could take away my vote.
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Scott C
Why does Wilenchik still have a law license? Seems like his scheme to overthrow a Democratic election would be grounds for a suspension or, dare I say it, maybe even an all expenses paid 5 year vacation to a cozy prison cell.
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Brandon Hull
Someone with a law degree certainly knows that falsifying documents in an attempt to decertify a fair election is illegal. Not even daddy will be able to stop him from facing the consequences of his actions.
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Steven Lopez
I really wouldn’t recommend these guys, never did anything to help me, gave me bad advice so they could run up my bill. Little too no communication, seemed to only care about money and not helping me in my situation. If I could give zero stars I would.
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Rosemary Protocollo
Thank you Wilenchik & Bartness for outstanding, speedy settlement.
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Chad D
Conspired to submit fake electors during a presidential election.
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Shawn Costa
Reputable law firm that is very ethical. I would recommend using them if you are in need of a law firm.
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Chalcea Malec
Fake? or just ‘alternative?
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