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The Long Island Law Firm of Zemsky and Salomon, P.C., provides its clients with the personal and professional services they need, to recover the damages they deserve. Zemsky and Salomon, P.C., is a small Nassau County law firm by design, in order to provide their full attention to you, when you need it most. Whether you need a Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer, Long Island Estate Planning Attorney, Long Island Real Estate Attorney, or a Long Island Medicaid Planning Attorney, the NY Law Firm of Zemsky and Salomon, P.C., will provide you with unsurpassed services while striving to exceed your expectations through zealous and aggressive legal representation.

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Address: 33 Front St #207, Hempstead, NY 11550

Phone: (516) 485-3800

Website: https://zemskyandsalomon.com/


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Reviews & Complaints

Shameka Tinsley
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Working with Jason was an excellent experience. I was nervous about how i would proceed when I had my car accident but after speaking with Jason he walked me through every step of the process. He got back to me right away when I had questions and made me confident and secure everything would be ok..I recommend the law office of Zemsky & Salomon as a 1st choice to all my friends and family member’s in need of help.
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Tanvir Ahmed
Hands down the best law firm I have ever went to!!!! 100 stars to them! I love how they work and how honest and great communication I had with my lawyer, Jason Zemksy and his law firm. I was in total shocked and impressed by the way this law firm handled not only one but two of my cases. Very professional! Thank you JASON Zemsky! You’re hands down the greatest lawyer. No shadiness at all! Like at all. Which made the experience great. I will recommend this law firm to everyone I know including everyone whose reading this.
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Yah-starr Hiness
Two cases no result best idea of the Worse of the worse lawyers they don’t care about your needs or show empathy neither sympathy. I met with Joe then some how Jason Zemsky took over my case and I never met him until march 29 2021.Jason Zemsky is a arrogant bipolar person yelling at me after I he begged me to assign him to my case. He was making plans behind my back with the doctors for surgeries and injections without my permission. He did not get me any disability but he wanted me to do a surgery. Then after I became emotionally destress after 6 months without work or income he said it wasn’t because of the accident injuries that caused it yet he had on file that I was in a mental hospital . Prior to that I was hospitalized for muscle failure. That had me feeling hopeless and distressed.I had severe neck shoulder mid back lower back hip and knee pain. Which was mistaken for Psychiatric pain. Then I was held against my will for not taking mood control medications. Which I’m sure Jason was aware of then he refused to speak to me for a month while calling. I left and when to get treatment in my own country he was furious and within 4months I felt a difference. Without any surgery or mood control pills I was being forced to take. I asked Jason to settle my case from September 2021 and he refused to because I did not do a surgery. He also claimed he gave me lost wages which was not true because he still can’t show me any proof and I know I did not receive any payments for my injuries from August 2020 until now not a dime. When asked him about it he yelled and say if I expect god to send them to him. I was 100% dissatisfied with his service I asked him to stop working on my case and he no longer represents me he claims he’s aware yet refuses to send a letter to show that I fired him from my case. Please don’t trust this guy he was friends with the same doctor who turned his back on me then said I needed surgery without asking me how I felt or what I want. To add insult to my injury he made the date with Jason’s for my my surgery not me. When his assistant called my phone and left a message calling me John. Why would I let people operate on me when they don’t even know my name. My health is my wealth money can’t buy life or health it only pays for healthcare. Which I had to to care for my health because they were trying to hurt me for theeir personal gain from my pain. Until today I’ve never been asked how I felt. I was oppress stressed and distressed. Due to this accident. According to Jason I was not yet he was forcing me to take a surgery in his own words.
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Davia Antonette
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I would recommend Zemsky and Salomon PC for their excellent legal advice and service.
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R. Stein
I had been dealing with Zemsky for 5 months.
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Tatiana Norsworthy
I cannot express the unprofessionalism of this firm. The secretaries cannot pass on simple messages, they cannot keep up to date information, the insurance company called me multiple times to see why these people were not responding. I have called due to the poor communication and have been hung up on. My case was treated like garbage, getting questions took days, even months to get responses. I felt I had to settle for what I was given because the individual handling my case clearly didn’t care. Please save yourself time and hassle.
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jet black
Jason is a great lawyer. Highly recommend this firm. Let him do his job and trust in the process. I was in a car accident and they got me the money.
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Athena Sease
Good morning I hired this law firm in 6/19, my case is still not settled, at this point I don’t know what is going on with my case. I will come back and give a honest opinion about my experience with this law firm once my case is settled. Hopefully my experience and outcome will be good.
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Karen Velsor
Jason was amazing he would call me back whenever I had a question it was so easy I didn’t even have to appear in court and I got the full Amount of my Lawsuit they also sent to Doctors that I would definitely recommend to my family and friends great service and would definitely tell you if you need a lawyer call them
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Stacey Naglieri
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Jason was great to work with. Honestly, don’t even look anywhere else. He’s going to do the best he can for you and was honest and straightforward from start to finish.
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