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We are a proactive firm and thorough in our research of your case facts, working in real-time to develop the best defense strategies for the best outcomes. You can count on our team to aggressively represent you with an honest dedication to your needs; with our help, you don’t get a cookie-cutter, flat defense. We zealously advocate on your behalf. While every case and client is different, there’s no substitute for working with a seasoned and dedicated defense attorney who personalizes your defense. We specialize in DUI arrests, DUI breathalyzer refusal, felony charges like burglary and drug crimes, misdemeanors, and personal injury cases.


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Criminal defense litigation
Disability benefits litigation
Entertainment law
International law
Legal consulting
Legal malpractice litigation
Power of attorney
Property damage litigation
Arrest Attorney
Assault And Battery
Assault Charges
Assault Defense
Attorney’s Review
Bankruptcy Fraud
Burglary Defense Lawyer
Burglary Robbery
Credit Card Fraud
Crimes Fraud
Criminal And Traffic
Criminal Cases
Criminal Charges
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Criminal Defense Attorney In
Criminal Defense Felony
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal Offenses
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D U I Attorney
DUI Breathalyzer Refusal
DUI/ Refusal law just isn’t overall that simple. Whether you’re already dealing with the complications of having been arrested for a DUI and/or Refusal, or are at a police station struggling with the decision on whether to take a chemical breath test, Archambault Law can help.
DUI Defense and DUI Arrest
If you have just been pulled over for a DUI arrest under the suspicion of drunk driving, make sure you receive the proper guidance and expertise before moving forward. Stephen R. Archambault is Smithfield, Rhode Island’s foremost defense attorney.
Disorderly Conduct
Dog Bite Case
Dog Bite Defense Attorney
Domestic Assault
Domestic Crimes
Domestic Offenses
Domestic Violence Prevention
Drug Charges
Drug Crime Defense
If any illegal drug is found on your person, in your car or home, you could be charged with possession. Let Archambault Law Firm help you beat charges of drug possession, sale, or DUI.
Drunk Driving Arrest
Dui Charges
Dui Defense Attorney
Dui Defense Lawyer
Dui Laws
Dui Lawyer
Dui Offense
Felony Assault
Felony Charges
Felony Defense
When you are charged with a felony, experienced legal representation is essential in protecting your rights and alleviating the stress associated with this experience. As a former police officer and prosecutor, Attorney Archambault is in a unique position to understand both sides of your case and provide you with the best legal support possible.
Felony Defense Attorney
Felony Offenses
Field Sobriety Tests
Fraud Cases
Fraud Crimes
Fraud Defense
Identity Theft Insurance
Implied Consent Law
Job Injuries
Larceny Criminal
Larceny Defense Lawyer
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Liability Defense
Marijuana Charges
Medical Malpractice Cases
Medical Malpractice Defense
Misdemeanor Cases
Misdemeanor Charges
Misdemeanor Crimes
Misdemeanor Defense Attorney
Misdemeanor Offenses
On-The-Job Injuries
Personal Injury Cases
Personal Injury Claims
Personal Injury Defense Attorney
Personal Injury Law
Personal Injury Legal Services
Probation Violation Defense Attorney
Probation Violations
Product Liability Cases
Repetitive Stress Injuries
Resisting Arrest
Robbery Charge
Robbery Defense Lawyer
Sexual Assault
Simple Assault
Tax Fraud
Theft Crimes
Tractor Trailer Accidents
Traffic Law
White Collar Crime Laws
Workers Compensation Case
Workers’ Compensation Attorney
Workers’ Comp
Workers’ Compensation Claim
Criminal Justice Attorney
Petty crimes & misdemeanor defense litigation
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Archambault Law Offices

Rhode Island DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney · Former police officer · Prosecutor for multiple towns · Handled over 30,000 criminal cases · 20+ years of criminal …

Felony Defense Attorney Smithfield – Archambault Law Offices

Archambault Law Office defense attorneys in Smithfield, Rhode Island can help you with your felony charges. Call for a consultation today 401-300-0925.

Stephen Archambault | Smithfield RI Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys at Archambault Law Offices in Smithfield, Rhode Island can help when you need it most. Call for a consultation today …


Attorney Stephen Archambault did beyond an unbelievable job for me. I put myself in a terrible situation, and I thought I would be paying for it the rest of my life. But after talking to Steve my stress level went down significantly. He’s tells you as it is, good or bad, which I appreciate. My situation would not have been resolved so quickly and with so little consequence had I not been fortunate enough to find and hire Stephen Archambault as my lawyer. I guarantee you will walk out of his office (after a free consultation) feeling much, much better and more confident than you did before you walked in. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would! And his fees are more than fair. This man has helped me get my life back together, and there are not enough words I can say to Thank him! If you need a lawyer you would be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at the very least have a consultation with Steve. I have read all of the other reviews on Steve and they all ring true!!!! THANK YOU STEVE. YOURE THE BEST!!!!
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Andrew Fairweather
Absolutely the best. I just was charged with a dui and dealing with Stephen was a blessing. He is a true professional and stress free. I highly recommend him for any lawyer service you may need.
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Thoranong Khong
Steve gets it done, No excuses, no exceptions. He is very effective, communicative and professional from start to finish. He guides you through the process and patiently answers any and all questions you may have. If you are looking for a lawyer who will truly have your best interest at heart, he is the one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
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Jordan Shoener
Affordable, great results, couldn’t be a nicer guy and fantastic staff, would recommend again
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Anthony Elgar
Steve is an outstanding lawyer. He has time and time again delivered amazing results for me. His ability to make you feel comfortable and educated on which ever case he is representing you on is second to none. Having Steve in your corner is a priceless asset.
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Called twice left messages and no response. Unprofessional so I have my answer not to pursue this office
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Cee s
Steve not only represented me in a short notice time and need, he shared and appointed me in the path I needed, most in life. He always spoke the truth.. Sometimes it’s not the greatest thing to hear. I confided in him. Not only is he a power house in the court room. He is human, and a great individual. I mean that.
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Madison Crum
Great lawyer and friendly, helpful secretary. He helped me out a lot and I am very grateful
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Jennifer Robison
Professional, honest & courteous law firm. Highly recommend.
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Ken White
A true professional, you are in good hands with Archambault Law Offices.
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