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David Hanson Sam Lane
This attorney represents a dental/orthodontic clinic that performed a orthodontic treatment after I forbade them from doing so. My daughter is a minor and can’t give consent. Her dad doesn’t have the legal authority to consent. I withheld consent pending a treatment plan. This attorney sent a letter to me and cc’d a complete stranger via a non-secured email. This is a direct HIPAA violation. Now, a complete stranger has my ten year old daughter’s sensitive information. In my opinion, this attorney and the practice she represents, are both negligent and careless with sensitive and private information. I would strongly encourage you to go to an attorney that understands the laws and how it pertains to your case. I don’t think she has a full grasp on medical negligence, informed medical consent, informed medical refusal of consent, and HIPAA. She didn’t do any favors for herself or her client. In fact, she made it worse by sending my ten year old daughter’s private information to a complete stranger. I’m filing a complaint with the bar against this attorney as she had a responsibility to ensure my daughter’s information was kept private. When she has cases outside of the scope of her expertise, she should refer her clients to an attorney who understands medical negligence and privacy. She acted on this case so she had a duty to understand and comply with healthcare privacy. In this case, she represents a poorly run dental/orthodontic clinic. She proved her office is just as poorly ran when she or one of her employees violated my daughter’s rights to privacy. Now, the office has to answer for her negligence as well as the negligence of the doctor and clinic staff. If you want to pay for additional fees to cover the mistakes of your attorney, hire her. If you want to minimize cost and de-escalate issues, hire someone else. Her stubbornness and denial won’t serve her or her client well. IMO, her client committed medical negligence and she committed legal negligence. A humble apology goes much further than an argument as she is arguing indesputable facts. Consent was withheld and treatment progressed. HIPAA was violated by her very own office. I have incontrovertible proof of what I consider the negligence of both the clinic and the attorney’s office. While she isn’t responsible for the actions of the clinic, she is responsible for the actions of herself and her staff.
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Tammie MacMullen
The team at Grogan, Hesse & Uditsky are lovely! It is a pleasure working with these attorneys. Extremely well-knowledged about the law, especially matters regarding healthcare. They are efficient and timely in their service and care toward our concerns. I am glad they are our attorneys and on our side! I would recommend this firm over and over again! Very pleased with their work!
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