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Reviews & Complaints

David L
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Got a ticket on the Taconic, and found this firm through google search. They were quick, responsive, professional, and did a thorough and great job representing me. They kept me properly informed through the entire process. I’m driving more slowly now, but if I ever have a problem again, I would use them without a doubt.
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Charles Katz
Critical: Value
Be careful with this attorney! SNEAKY!!! Watch out for the retainer fee & the first time consultation fee.The problem here is that most attorneys do a free first time consult to ensure fit. It is a high-level session & fees are discussed. Mr. Katz charges $250 for this, while most attorneys are free. You don’t even know prior to this what the retainer fee will be.Next MAJOR issue is his retainer language. I was told on the phone that Mr. Katz does what is called an Minimum Advance Retainer. What this means is that Mr. Katz may give you a $4500 retainer. This retainer is a minimum amount meaning that say Mr. Katz charges $350 an hour for his hourly rate & you only use two hours of his time ($750), you still have to pay him the entire $4500! Basically, he gets an additional unearned $3750 of your hard earned money, because of what again???Think of it like you’re building an addition on your house. The contractor asks for $50,000 up front for supplies & the supplies only end up costing $25,000. He keeps the rest. Sound right to you? Sounds like some shyster stuff to me!
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Eileen Cole
After an awful experience with another law firm hired for my divorce, I opted to leave it and asked this firm to consider taking my case, which thankfully, they did. Jonathan, Debbie, Susan, and Liz are a wonderful team – knowledgeable, compassionate, intelligent, responsive, and willing to listen. They took me to the end of a long process, and I am very happy with the result. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a firm that is well-versed in law, but also considers the human aspect of what they are doing.
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Nealie Perez
I had a wonderful experience working with this law firm. They took care of everything for me, I did not even have to attend court. My 4 point ticket was reduced to a 0 pt violation , which I was very pleased with. Jonathan Katz and his associates worked in a very timely manner and I didn’t have to worry or stress about the process at all. I live 2 plus hours from the area where the ticket was received and I was very pleased how minimally I was involved in the process yet, was kept very informed. Liz Sullivan was very professional , effective, a pleasure to work with and made the process very easy for me. I would highly recommend Jonathan Katz law firm !!
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David Kirby
When you hire Jonathan Katz, you are not just hiring an attorney, you are hiring an entire team of highly talented and responsive people who have your back throughout the entire process. They were always there to help me, no matter what, with expert advice and strategy. Mr. Katz himself was wonderful to work with and his fee was reasonable. He resolved my rather complex issue quickly, efficiently, and with the best possible outcome I could ever expect. I cannot recommend him or his firm highly enough!
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After being pulled over for a hefty speeding ticket I was worried about how fight to it. Talking to a few different offices I felt most comfortable with Jonathan Katz’s. Not only were they very informative and helpful but most importantly honest throughout the whole process. When it eventaully came time for the court date I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. For a ticket I was looking at a lot of points. We were shooting to get them dropped down and he acatually got them dropped completely. Of course I had to pay the court fine and fees but the points were my main concern. Would definitely recommend. Great office staff and honest.
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Cassandra Thomas
All I can say is, if you are looking for that office or firm to represent you, it’s Jonathan D Katz. Everyone at the firm is supportive, undeterred, but more importantly for you! I would not have been able to find better representation for a recent divorce. The team is fair, considerate and always there to help with every question you may have. I can’t thank Jonathan D Katz and his team enough for making such a difficult situation easy to navigate, negotiate, and come to a fair descion. Thank you for being equally understanding and embracing about gay marriage and divorce. It was this experience that gave me the confidence I needed to decide my representation. Each person in the office has the drive and commitment to see it through with their clients which is genuinely true. If you need a lawyer, call the law office of Jonathan D Katz. You will not be disappointed!
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Mark Byrnes
I received a ticket while on vacation and was not able to return to the area to handle it. I called the law office when I returned home and Liz was able to handle everything over the phone and through email. That day! I had no concerns and Jonathan Katz was able to get a great outcome in the case. I was put at ease and never thought twice about my decision. From start to finish, I’m completely satisfied. I highly recommend Mr. Katz.
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Carmela V
If I could give zero stars I would. I usually do not write reviews but I felt that I had to speak my peace in this situation. I made an appointment back in September for a divorce consultation for Mr. Katz. His office called me 4 times to reschedule, each time saying he had to appear in court. This pushed my consultation up to the following month. After finally seeing him he basically told me that he couldn’t help me and I would not be eligible to receive a monthly maintenance from my husband. The most unsettling thing about his consultation was that after I told him I was physically and mentally abused by my husband and I had police and hospitals records as proof. He seemed heartless and uninterested in hearing my story. I left his office crying after being there for less than 30 minutes, still charged $250. Also, no apologies from the receptionist when I came in for cancelling on me 4 times. Save your $250 consultation fee and go elsewhere.
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Tricia Belaska
I called this law office to take care of a ticket for me because I live over an hour away. From the start they were wonderful on the phone. Cheerful and professional. The attorney appeared in court for me and got my ticket reduced to zero points. That was critical for me because I drive tractor trailer and have to keep a clean license. I am grateful for their service. I would recommend them to anyone !!
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Ann Forman
Jonathan Katz is an excellent divorce attorney and I highly recommend him. During the entire process, Jon was there for me from beginning of litigation to follow-up questions afterwards. The paperwork was timely filed and motions carefully researched and submitted. He explained the legal process and addressed all my issues/concerns. Jon was available to answer all of my questions and promptly returned my calls. Jonathan Katz did an outstanding job representing me!! We were able to reach an agreement before trial and I am very happy with the results of my divorce. Even after the divorce was final, he always answered follow-up questions and gave me legal advice to protect my interest regarding custody. I highly recommend him–he is an excellent attorney!!
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Nick Paris
I had a very good experience with this attorney, who helped me with a traffic ticket in Rosendale Town Court.My dealings with their office were hassle free and smooth throughout; the staff was very responsive (through phone, email) to all my concerns, followed up on the necessary details, was accommodating for my particular situation, and worked with me every step of the way, helping me to overcome obstacles (i.e. communication with the other party: the language barrier) and constrains set by my daily life (even if the Court time was set after-hours, leaving work earlier than usual would have been very hard for me). They listened to me, understood my case and my situation, and represented me in Court – with an outcome which far exceeded my expectations. I do not understand legal nuances of words, and the attorney was able to translate my everyday, common way of expressing myself, in legal terms, and this completely changed the situation (during the stop, the police officer gave me opportunity to explain my driving decisions, but I was not very clear – obviously I would have not done better in Court on my own, so having an attentive attorney speak in my stead was the best decision I could have made, and having specially this attorney, turned out to be salutary). It saved me time, money, hardship, aggravation, possible unexpected surprises: from my first call to the office, the staff was very open, upfront, revealing all details I had to know, giving me the peace of mind I need to do my work during the day.I am totally satisfied with the office of Jonathan Katz, and I highly recommend him to anyone who does not understand Court proceedings, who wants to communicate clearly with the legal side and who wants to have good representation. After this experience, it is my firm opinion that just like the Court provides the environment for arbitration between two parties, an attorney could be the medium or interface between an ignorant party – like myself – and the Court. My logical conclusion is: if one is to get an attorney, the best thing is to get a good attorney; Jonathan Katz proved to be a very good attorney.
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Lisa Martin
I could not have had better lawyers to help navigate this difficult situation. They are knowledgeable, thorough, available and helped me navigate the difficult personal issues that arise with a divorce proceeding. The staff is friendly, helpful, and get the job done. I highly recommend Jonathan and Deborah.
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Sean Daly
Attorney Katz and his office staff did a very professional job for me. I recommend them without reservations. They gave me a realistic appraisal of my legal situation and then achieved results that exceeded my expectations. Better than competitive fees.
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I hired them for what should have been a simple uncontested divorce it turned out to be the worst experience I have ever had with a lawyer.I was told one thing by them right from day one and than only a few months later when I asked about it again. I was asked by them who told you that ? That’s not correct. Dropped the ball on several matters. Calls and emails went unanswered. I wound up doing a lot of leg work on my own and had to follow up with the clerks office several times my self.DO YOUR RESEARCH I WOULD NOT HIRE THEM AGAIN.
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Edward “Litspeed” Sutton
I had a workzone speeding ticket. With my license about to be suspended. I was able to have Jonathan D. Katz, Attorney at law represent me in court, without having to appear personally. They made everything as easy as possible and were very quick in their response to any question that I had. I was very happy with the outcome of my case, as I received no points on my license. The representation may seem costly when you first hear it, but trust me you will be treated very well and very thankful that you made the call.
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Shawn Wilcox
Jonathan and his team have been wonderful every step of the way with the challenges I have faced in the past year. In today’s busy world they have been able to accommodate schedules, the every day hustle and bustle, to work with me and fight for me in difficult times. Deborah and Liz are a pleasure to work with; their services are recommended and greatly appreciated.
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Glenn Popowitz
It was a pleasure working with The Katz Law firm. From my first conversation with Susan to my briefing with Liz before court, they were very professional and incredible honest. They delivered a very favorable ruling as they had thought they would. I highly recommend this firm!
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Benswing Rich (Ben Rich – Electric Biker)
Truly excellent customer service! Not only did they reduce my 3 point traffic ticket to 0 points, but I did not have to attend court (since I live out of state). They communicated quickly and clearly with me, took care of everything, and were very pleasant the entire time. Thank you for your professional attitude and great results!
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Jonathan Price
Best possible outcome! Engaged Jonathan Katz to represent me in a speeding ticket case from near the mid-hudson bridge. I wasn’t familiar with the area, being from out of town. Jonathan’s office was immediately reassuring, and with little effort on my part took care of the case end-to-end. The best part was resolving the ticket through a pre-trial conference with the local court on my behalf, and getting me an outcome far better than expected. Absolutely worth the investment; would recommend to anyone faced with the unfortunate affects of a speeding ticket in NY state.
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