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Modern Family Law is a law firm of expert lawyers, exclusively handling divorce and child custody cases. Every day our team of Denver, Colorado, attorneys help clients with the most personal and private issues in a compassionate and caring way. Our use of technology and team work help keep attorney fees and costs reasonable. Call our Denver office today and speak with an attorney about your case.

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Family Law Attorney
Adoption legal services
Child support litigation
Contested divorce litigation
Custody & visitation rights litigation
Debt division litigation
Divorce litigation
Father’s rights litigation
Guardianship litigation
Colorado family law cases often require mediation before you can set a final hearing with the court. Court-ordered mediation is one of many ways parties can engage in the mediation process to help resolve the conflict in their family law case.Mediation can be quicker and cheaper, depending on the willingness of the parties to resolve issues with a little give and take. Results from mediated settlements have repeatedly shown themselves to require future litigation less frequently.
Modification of court orders
Parent timesharing litigation
Paternity establishment litigation
Prenups & marital agreements writing
Probate legal services
Property division litigation
Spousal support & alimony litigation
Uncontested divorce legal services
Amicable Divorce
Celebrity Divorce
Child Custody
Custody plans, or parenting plans, can be some of the hardest aspects of divorce. Good plans require cooperation from both parents. Parents who put their kids first can develop a parenting plan that is flexible, fair, and in the best interests of their children. By familiarizing yourself with the court’s expectations, you’ll be better able to meet both yours and your children’s goals. Our child custody lawyers can make the process of creating parenting plans easier, giving you more peace of mind through this tough transition.
Child Custody Attorney’s
Child Custody Attorneys
Child Custody Cases
Child Custody Law
Child Custody Lawyers
Child Custody Modification
Child Custody Practice
Child Protection
Child Support
Child Support Cases
Child Support Issues
Child Support Maintenance
Child Support Modification
Child Support Ordered
Contested Divorce
Custody Cases
Custody Support
Difficult Family Law
Division of the Marital Home
Many times in a Colorado divorce, the largest asset, and the largest debt, a couple has are the same thing – the marital home. Typically, the parties have some equity in their home and the largest share of the marital debt is represented by their mortgage. In a divorce, the court must divide all the assets, including the marital home.
There are many reasons why Modern Family Law is the legal team to choose if you are dealing with a complicated family law issue. We are a leading Colorado family law firm with a reputation for strategic and effective advocacy. We put our clients first, and we refuse to settle for less than the high-quality representation deserved by the individuals for and with whom we work.
Divorce Attorney
Divorce Cases
Divorce Child Custody
Divorce Courts
Divorce Decree Modification
Divorce Law
Divorce Lawyers
Divorce Property Division
Domestic Violence
It’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable discussing domestic violence or spousal abuse. However, it’s also important to protect yourself and know your rights. You have the right to live out your life without fear of assault or injury. Domestic violence is a serious violation of someone’s civil liberties, and in recent years, the U.S. Department of Justice has amended the exact definition of domestic violence to greater defend victims of abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice.
Estate Planning
Family Dispute
Family Law Cases
Family Law Matters
Family Legal Matters
Family Support
Father’s Rights
Any man that is trying to establish his fathers rights or is the alleged / presumed father of a child is referred to by the state as a “putative” father. The rights of unmarried fathers are clouded in uncertainty. Only 20 states legally establish paternity after a state-approved paternity test. With Colorado on the list, it’s important that males seeking a fathers’ rights attorney pursue effective legal counsel as they seek paternity testing or fight for paternity they feel is deserved despite a lack of biological ties.
Free Consultation
Law Child Support
Legal Assistance
Legal Guidance
Military Divorce
If you are facing military divorce, you are undoubtedly aware that your situation is a lot more complex than a traditional divorce. The military divorce process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have our legal team on your side. At Modern Family Law, our military divorce lawyers guide men and women through military divorces in Denver and Colorado Springs As leaders in the field, we have the extensive legal insight and resources required to handle these types of cases with diligence. We will always be upfront with you, especially regarding the cost of your military divorce.
Modification of Orders
Mother’s Rights
Mothers’ rights in divorce, and other family law cases, face the competing interests of the needs of the children and involvement of the father. The court must evaluate the needs of children involved and what may be in their best interests. Knowing that a judge will be weighing this can help mothers successfully focus their cases and obtain positive results for themselves and their families.
No-Fault Divorce
No-fault divorce is a foreign concept to many people going through the process. During a divorce, spouses may want to lay blame, or hold the other spouse accountable, for some perceived fault. Perhaps one spouse cheated, or broke promises that caused the divorce, and as a result, the other spouse is being forced to completely change their life, their lifestyles, and incur tremendous expense.The responsible spouse should pay! However, the concept of no-fault means that a Colorado divorce court will not look into the reasons why the divorce is occurring, or why the marriage is failing. A divorce court will not change how it allocates property, or divides up parenting time and decision-making based on who is at fault.
Non-Traditional Family Law
Parental Alienation Issues
Several jurisdictions recognize parental alienation by another parent as an actual and diagnosable issue. In these jurisdictions, it is weighed heavily because the court recognizes the susceptibility of children to the influences of a parent.
Parenting Plan
Parenting Plans
Paternity Relocation
Property Division
While it might seem easy to identify what assets a couple has that are subject to a division via divorce court, there’s nothing easy about it. Sometimes, property that you bring into a marriage is separate, but it can become marital. For example, if you own a house before the marriage but you pay the mortgage together, is this a joint asset?
Separation Agreement
If the parties in a dissolution of marriage are able to settle their divorce in Colorado, they prepare a separation agreement. This lays out the agreed-upon terms. Specifically stating the terms can be very helpful to the Colorado family law court in determining whether or not the terms are fair to the divorcing parties involved.
Spousal Maintenance
Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, is the payment from one spouse to the other. It is the recognition by the law that marriage is a joint endeavor and both parties should share in the fruits of that union. It is also one of the most difficult aspects of any divorce. Unlike child support, there’s no formula we can apply.One judge could say $100 a month while another, with the same set of facts, may say $1,000 per month. Negotiating maintenance obligations presents special difficulties, and it’s encouraged that you protect your interests by working with an attorney who specializes in family law and especially spousal maintenance issues.
Spousal Maintenance Alimony
Spousal Maintenance Calculation
Spousal Maintenance Calculators
Spousal Maintenance Lawyers
Spousal Support
Spousal Support Attorney’s
Spousal Support Lawyers
Support Child Support
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Kenard Carder
They are very nice and know just what to say to make you feel comfortable. When are talking to them they seem very trustworthy. But don’t let it fool you. The billing is ridiculous. You will get billed 2 and sometimes 4 times for every email you send. Send it to the paralegal they send it to the lawyer, the lawyer will need ask a senior about it then the send it back to the paralegal to reply to you. All of them will bill you at different rates. The double billing goes on for everything. Make sure you read every document very carefully. You will need to do spelling corrections and fix lots of grammar errors. They switch lawyers in the middle of my case. All the time spent with the first lawyer was a total waste of time and money. I had already spent 15 thousand at this point creating the parenting plan. Lawyer A wanted me to have the kids at least 90 days a year. This gives me more time with my children and reduces child support. The kids were to do odd and even years split between spring break fall break and Christmas break. Layer B started over with a new parenting plan. The new plan gave me the first half of the week of Christmas, with no mention of spring or fall break.
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Ceceilia Reedy
Cynthia and her team are great! I hired Cynthia a week before my hearing and she made sure that she was prepared, up to date and knowledgeable about my case and handled everything in time for my hearing with very little time. Also she reached out with everything and responded quickly. She made sure that my concerns, my position and evidence were heard and having her at this hearing made all the difference for me. I’m happy I went with Modern Family Law and Cynthia, this has been mentally and emotionally draining for me to go through and as soon as Cynthia came abroad I was able to be relived of that and knew I was in good hands. My hearing went in my favor and I believe it’s because I had Cynthia. Now I can get back to my life and focus on other things and I’m just so grateful for Cynthia and her teams help.
… more
Kim Wagner
I was referred to Emily Warren for my pending divorce questions and I was so impressed with her knowledge, compassion and professionalism. She put many of my fears and anxiety to rest and reaffirmed my attorney’s strategy in my particular case. I felt very at ease like a friend I’ve known for years. I am so grateful in getting in touch with her and would recommend her without reservation.
… more
Gina Warner
Brian Litzinger with Modern Family Law and I have been working together for about 4 years. He did an amazing job for me as I was going through a very difficult long custody battle for my Daughter. He helped keep me sane and is very kind and compassionate and understanding. He is the best attorney I have ever worked with and I highly recommend him. Oh, and I now have full custody of my Daughter.
… more
Ashley Jordan
Even though I wasn’t able to go with their firm for financial reasons. Kiana took a lot of time out of her evening to explain the entire process of what I could expect the next couple months. She really helped me understand more than i could find out in 2 weeks of visits to the actual courthouse. No charge and she knew from the beginning I wouldn’t be signing with her. She was very clear about their pricing from the beginning and I appreciated that she didn’t waste my time trying to sell me something I couldn’t afford but then still took the time to actually help me. I am sure that all of her clients will be very well taken care of. Thanks for your time and all the resources Kiana!!
… more
David Sanders
Yes I want to thank all the staff at modern family law for all there hard work through this process I went through to win my case it was long but in long run I came out better with results then if I tried to do this on my own. I want to personally thank Chelsea Hillman And Patricia Wallace they went above and beyond to get me through all of this learning experience. I recommend them them personally and there staff to get you results. Thank you for your hard and dedication is this matter and I will be using you soon again into this matter as it’s still a ongoing process.
… more
Alivia Roscoe
Nicholas Tootalian was so helpful when I came to him with concerns regarding my child custody case. Grateful for his time, patience and understanding. He listened to my concerns and help me make the best decision regarding my family. Would definitely recommend.
… more
Anita Satchell
I believe that other Buyers/Clients need to know what they have in store if they hire this firm. When I contacted Modern Family Law to hire Cynthia Griffin, I needed a shark to fight and win against CPS/DHS and the GAL, all nemesis’s. My first impression of Cynthia was she was “that” shark. Initially I was impressed by her history of being a former prosecution attorney, her demeanor, personality, knowledge and professionalism attracted me to her. That lasted until I could no longer afford to pay the $1,500+ every two weeks they billed me, depending on what they were hired for. When I was near bankrupt, I told them I can’t continue to pay them $1,500+ doing work to prepare for representation “if” the case became a contested hearing. Cynthia (the firm) immediately withdrew from being my representation. I was shocked to learn they sent a motion to the court to withdraw as my representative counsel the same day! It was shocking and traumatic to say the least! So, if you can’t afford to pay them, they just bail, immediately! I believe this is their way to get you to pay them no matter what you have to do, because at the end of the day, if they withdraw from representing you, you’d have to hire another attorney and end up starting all over again and paying the same amount or more, no matter how great the cost would be, because someone else would have to get up to speed where they left off. Or worse, try to represent yourself. Fortunately, I ended up taking money out of my home equity to remain with the firm, though reluctantly. Almost everybody in the firm gets paid out of YOUR money! So even if they do nothing on your case, they get something. They have a daily meeting with the senior attorney, or anyone else who wants to attend and get paid for that hour of their time, or whatever incremental time based on their hourly salary. I didn’t realize that Cynthia, though knowledgeable, needed additional training from the senior attorney over her or others. I hired her, not the senior attorney! If I had known that I would be paying her, the paralegal and EVERYBODY else in the firm, I would have hired another attorney/firm! Also know, if you have any problems with their financing, you can’t just talk to accounting, they send out a group email blast to every single attorney in the office who you’re paying to embarrass you. Initially, I really liked Cynthia; however, it wasn’t very long before I felt she apparently had some sort of seemingly ‘like’ for the guardian Ad litem (GAL) demon from hell assigned to represent my grandchildren in this case, because anything negative I said about the GAL, she would take offense to, and/or appear to side with the GAL or defend her actions…? Whose side are you on anyway? I’m your client! But, after mentioning this to Cynthia, she immediately stopped this behavior. However, I never saw the shark I hired except almost and only twice during a hearing (the hearings were about every two to three months for a seven-month period). The only one other time that anyone spoke up for me on my behalf from this firm, was when I was being negatively targeted by the GAL, or the case worker, another nemesis, was when Cynthia was unable to attend one of the hearings with me and she sent a substitute in her place; and “he” actually stood up for me and defended me. Something that up until that particular hearing never happened. Sad and Disheartening! All I know is that I don’t believe Cynthia is the one behind the billing/charging model at this firm. If she were to stay with this firm and continue to refuse a flat rate fee like most attorneys do, I would NEVER hire her again! But if she were to leave this firm and its alarming and unsettling charging practices, I would hire her again.But Buyer beware. If you don’t have $25,319.75 to pay this firm for doing very very little, other than daily meetings, having to pay the paralegal, charge for every email, phone call, or text in order to rack up fees, then you may want to look elsewhere.
… more
Chantel Bergeron
ETA 10/11: The attorney went to bat for me on the financial aspect, but because I cannot afford to pay the large sum and just sit around and hope that my ex signs the paperwork they have to file to dismiss. This law office, should really consider payment plans if you will work with single moms.So keep the retainer, and I will continue to review and speak loudly of the corrupt business practices. So heads up to any single mom if you cannot afford their continued high bills they will have to drop you…
… more
Jennifer Lee
Jeremy at Modern Family Law was very informative during the consultation. He took his time explaining everything so that I understood and I didn’t feel rushed. I will definitely be reaching out again soon to get the ball rolling.
… more
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