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Val Dee
Just FYI for those who do not look into it. Most, if not all, negative reviews of DA Weirich are done from San Fran CA or Portland within last year (!?). If that sounds weird and smells like a political hit job (by out of town operatives, who do not even live here), you are correct!
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Philip Brawley
This woman let a career criminal off on an easy plea deal along with a crooked judge. Of course what happens next, this same man goes on a shooting spree killing 4 people for no reason and injuring 3. Time to put this woman behind bars and hope and pray she doesnt make it out alive
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Ted Butler
It’s time to vote this person out. She’s held this office for too long. Amy has said Steve Mulroy will defund the police. Well news flash, the DA has no authority to defund the police. Spineless. Just another politician who will lie to get ahead. Give it up Amy. Shameful.
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Sara Stenger
Allows cops to (R)word children. Punishes black women even when correctional officers admitted fault. I’m ashamed of my state. Reconstruction? Gateway to the New South? No, same old club for the rich and white.
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Jeffrey Highbarger
How can she let Brian Beck off so easy, yet go after Pamela Moses. What could be the reasoning for such a miscarriage of justice? He should have been prosecuted to the max considering he was a police officer and knew better. He was supposed to up hold the law and protect people. The justice system in Tennessee is a joke and Amy is a big part of the problem with it. Thank god I don’t live there anymore but if I did, I would not be voting for her. Doesn’t she care about the victim of Brian Beck? Why wouldn’t she fight for the victim instead of rolling over and pretty much give him a slap on the rest.
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Jess Jae
Update: If you’re not who this is about, why reply? Don’t act like you care about the victim now- already failed her way more than you think. Also, she’s not the only case that was crapped on. So one star for you.
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Jackie C.
Another terrible plea deal when it comes to Brian Beck (don’t even get me started on Pamela Moses). Would love to see how that conversation went down. Way to make the victim and future victims feel like coming forward does not matter. For a public servant whose job is to deliver justice #failing. Ladies… may I suggest working with someone who will make sure the guilty gets more than just a slap on the wrist like Brian Beck got.
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Tatia Rosenthal
So glad she got voted out. Going after Pamela Moses was ugly.
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Tom Teabo
She is unable to effectively do a simple task. She he has been a right sided of the wrong way.
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Prosecutors tend to avoid scrutiny so it’s genuinely hard to be called out on your bad behavior by your state supreme court, a federal appellate court, the Commercial Appeal, the New York Times, and Harvard Law School, but the SCDAG managed to do it. Memphis deserves better and everyday people in Memphis need to be aware of the SCDAG’s toxic record for themselves.
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